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N.B.: Access is reserved for hospitality sector operators.

The 2017 Dashboard of Tourist Movements is an interactive system for analysing and visualizing data from the last 12 months up to the month preceding the current one. The percentage coverage of the survey is indicated for each month; coverage varies over time as tax data collection for the time period considered is still ongoing at Sardinian accommodation facilities.

The Dashboard requires IDM access authentication and is reserved for hospitality sector operators. To be accredited as a hospitality sector operator you must be registered on the Operators (link) Area website of the Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce and follow the self-certified accreditation procedure (link).

The first is geographical where you can select the geographic area to be viewed; once the geographical area, ranging from regions to single municipalities, has been selected this choice is carried into the following sections.

The second section is for data, where you can analyse the market distribution by the tourists' country of origin and select an Italian region or foreign country to view the market in detail in the next section. In this section you can also view the monthly trends for the last three years, evaluated on the basis of the geographic origin filter applied.

The third section is for profiling the tourists, where it is possible to view their distribution according to sex, type of accomodation and age group.