2015, 2016
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The Sardinia Smart Tourism Dashboard is an interactive system for analysing and displaying data relating to domestic tourism movement and to co-visits between tourist areas, ports and airports in Sardinia. The diagrams and analyses conducted are based on data from the Vodafone Italia telephone network, suitably anonymised, aggregated and processed using data science methods and referring to the period between September 2015 and September 2016.

The data are organised into two sections.

The first allows us to view the co-visits of 25 areas of tourist interest, 5 ports and 3 airports in Sardinia through heat maps. The term co-visit indicates the presence of the same user in a pair of locations, regardless of the duration of the visit and the direction of the movement. It essentially expresses a connection between two locations or two points of interest. The section is divided into 4 items based on the type of tourist: resident, visitor from Italy and foreign visitor.

The second section takes domestic tourism into account. In the reference period, considering the mobile telephone services usually located in the Sardinian territory, for each province and for each municipality, the percentage of visitors coming from the other provinces and from the other Sardinian municipalities is represented, only considering visits lasting between 2 and 30 days.